CabloyJS v3.1.0 designed and developed a large number of features. It is strongly recommended to have a try

Features - Backend Core

  • Cluster: Cluster now becomes the first class citizen of CabloyJS
    • Redis: Cluster is based on Redis
    • Queue: Reconstructed based on bottleneck & bullmq
    • Schedule: Reconstructed based on Queue
    • Broadcast: Reconstructed based on Redis
    • Cache: Reconstructed based on Redis
    • Startup: Reconstructed
    • Docker Compose: There is a docker-compose.yml configuration file in the root directory of the project. If you have installed the docker compose environment, you can start all services of CabloyJS with only one command, including Redis, MySQL, Nginx and CabloyJS backend service
  • Module Monkey: Easy to replace some functionalities of modules just like a monkey🐒

Features - Frontend Core

Features - Modules